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For shopping, our only local supermarket is the Co op, which is just outside Hay on Wye on the Clifford Road, keep straight pass the clock tower, and down the hill past the Hay Farmers.

Castle Green Grocers in Castle Street is good for fruit and veg. The Small Farms Butchers almost opposite the Clock Tower is excellent for meat. There is a Health Food shop near R.G., Booth Bookshop, which is in a nuclear free zone but apart from that added benefit, they have very good delicatessen type foods.

There are plenty of pubs but eating out can be a bit hit and miss. The River Cafe in Glasbury is very good with a lovely view of the river. The Felinfach Griffin on the road to Brecon is also a good place to eat. Another place to eat in Hay, which is quite fun and has good snacks is the Tomatitoes.

Book shops are all interesting in different ways but R.G. Booth is the most comfortable with sofas and chairs to browse in as well as a good cafe.

There are plenty of retro / vintage semi antique shops if you are interested.

Parking in the large car park opposite the Castle is £1 per hour.

Guide books for walking are available. By going up the drive opposite to Lower House where you will reach Offa’s Dyke, or you can walk to Hay over the fields in the opposite direction.

Cusop Mill Cottage is ideal accommodation in Hay and the perfect place to stay in the Black Mountains near the Brecon Beacons.  Our cottage is a dog friendly accommodation.  Book early as places to stay in Hay particularly cottages in Hay are in great demand.

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